These are very detailed and suggested methods to healing out and taking care of your new tattoo.

Remember failure to take good care of your tattoo from the start, and for its lifetime, could result in a faded or noticeably neglected piece.

Hand washing is considered to be the most important measure in preventing the transfer of infectious material, and therefore preventing the spread of infection.

1. Clean hands thoroughly with a color and fragrance free antibacterial soap, with as warm as possible water.

2. Gently lather your tattoo with a color and fragrance free antibacterial soap using your fingertips and working in small circles from the center of the tattoo outwards. you may wash again a second time for the first washing to ensure all plasma and extra ink or A&D is removed completely.

3. Rinse with warm water and gently massaging with finger tips with cool (cool water to shrink the pours of the skin), gently blot dry with a clean paper towel after rinsing thoroughly. Remember to never allow tattoo to stay too wet or submersed in water for too long, soaking will result in color loss.

4. Let air dry for 10 minutes and apply tiny amount of aquaphor or A&D to the entire area, and blot excess off with clean paper towel. repeat 3 times a day for 3 days minimum.

You should clean your new tattoo at least 3-10 times daily and allow it to breathe and dry out for the first 48 hours to lessen the chance for infection or contamination. Occasionally, articles of clothing may become adhered to the new tattoo. DO NOT pull the garment from the tattoo without first saturating the fabric with warm water as damage may occur.

After about 5-10 days, apply a small amount of plain white, unscented lotion to the tattoo after cleaning. Continue cleaning the tattoo daily and applying lotion as necessary. Many clients choose to apply a range of petroleum-based products to their new tattoo. Examples of these include, but are not limited to: A&D ointment or Aquaphor. As these products may encourage faster heal-time, they may also encourage contamination and infection if applied incorrectly. If using these products, DO NOT leave a sticky, shiny surface, as this may allow dirt, hair, lint, and other gross debris to adhere to the open wound and increase the chance for infection or contamination (this applies from day one).

During the first 48 hours, inflammation is common. Inflammation is NOT an indication of infection. The new tattoo will take approximately 4-6 weeks to initially heal. A hazy layer of proteins will remain, clouding the tattoo. This will last approximately two (2) weeks as the fibroblasts lay a new bed of collagen and produce new capillaries.


Avoid exposure to the sun and chlorinated water during the healing phase. Use a moderate level of UV protectant beyond the first 3-4 weeks of healing. Treat your new tattoo as a lifetime investment......because IT IS! Youmay cause harm during the healing process if you do not follow this instructions. The instructions are the most important steps to having a life long work of art. If any questions arise please feel free to call the studio with any and all questions! There are no wrong or unheard of questions! Every question deserves an answer! Don't be shy please.


tattoos by Emma, Eat My Ink

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